Most frequent questions and answers

TakeMy-Exams specialise in taking home-proctored exams. However, we have many other services also:

  • CV writing and editing
  • Cover Letter writing and editing
  • Quiz and Online Test-Taking
  • Psychometric and Cognitive Test-Taking
  • Dissertation Writing
  • Coursework and Project Help
  • Career Advice and Job Search

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Please include our email to your trusted sender list to avoid this happening in the future.


Despite our name “TakeMy-Exams”, you can pay us to take ANY proctored exam from ANY country or proctoring company. We specialise in the most popular proctored exams, including: Exam, GMAT, TOEFL and NMAT to name a few!


Yes. We have assist a phenomenal number of students from all over the world; including: USA, UK, India, UAE, Australia and many more.


After you submit the Quote Form, further instructions will be emailed to you with regards to the information we require. We need very limited details.


Yes. Each proctored exam has its own requirements. For instance, the GMAT is approximately 166 minutes in length, vs the Exam which has 6 sections totalling around 3 hours and 45 minutes. Thus, the team of resources we dedicate, varies for each exam.

Each proctoring company has their own proctor that is used. Exam use ProctorU whereas, GMAT use Pearson OnVue. The different proctoring company has implications on the licensed softwares we assign thus, the cost.

A VPN is a very basic level of security. We value our privacy and security, as this a crucial factor for us. TakeMy-Exams take several robust solutions to ensure the screen-share is 100% undetectable and untraceable.


This will be variant on the exam. Exam will instantly reveal your Verbal and Quant score. In contrast, other examining bodies like GMAT, will take up to 2 weeks to share the results.


Yes – it is simple.

If we fail on the requirements you informed us, we will refund you in full AND reimburse the exam booking fee.

Despite this, it is VERY unlikely that we will fail, as we recognise the importance the exam plays on your future success.

Please be aware: we cannot guarantee interviews or stage-progression/university offer. This is because your exam result is not the sole deciding factor if the university will accept you.

Factors such as: experience, GPA and Cover Letter’s/SOP’s are beyond TakeMy-Exams’s control but play a role in progression.

TakeMy-Exams will endeavour to communicate as fast as possible. However, please note that due to excessive demand, there may be a slight delay.

Sorry – this is NOT possible.

We appreciate that you may be busy to study for your exam, due to other commitments. However, Proctored exams require YOU to be present on the webcam. We cannot have a clone of you to be facing the webcam!

In a nutshell, the process is simply:

  1. Complete Quote Form.
  2. We will send you payment details if you wish to proceed.
  3. Once the payment is processed, we will send the Booking Confirmation. This will have all instructions and software download links needed.
  4. At least 72 hours before the exam, our dedicated IT team will run diagnostic tests to make the entire connection untraceable and undetectable.
  5. On the exam day, we will connect via screen-share and safely take your exam!
  6. We celebrate together with the results and the start of your academic success!


Most frequent questions and answers

TakeMy-Exams value referrals and returning customers. Points you gather will automatically be added to the checkout page of your order. You can choose to apply a discount or continue to save them for a later date for a future order e.g. for your dissertation.


Reward points can only be used by yourself and not transferred to other accounts.


If you choose to close your account all points will be lost and non-redeemable in future.

For every £1 you spend you will acquire 1 point. So if you spend £150 you will receive 150 points.

100 points = £10 discount

150 points = £15 discount

200 points = £20 discount

…. and so on.



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. We offer multiple payment methods including Bank Transfer, International Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, and Cryptocurrency.

To be clear, no payments or transactions are handled on our website. All payments are handled through the respective payment processor (on their servers). We only use the most established, secure and familiar payment processors – so you are in safe hands.


After you have completed the Quote Form and wish to proceed, we will create your personal TakeMy-Exams account. 

1. Click “Manage Orders” from the top menu.

2. Click “View”

3. Click “Submit Order Requirements” and input your exam details that we request.

We will then move forward with your order and arrange a senior trained advisor to call you.

We understand that circumstances can change. To update or amend an order e.g. your exam date has moved, just message us through your account or email us on


No – the actual exam booking is done directly via the examining body. For example, this will be ETS for the Exam, MBA for the GMAT. We will inform you the Date, Time and Time-zone to book your exam. However, YOU need to process the payment directly with the examining body.

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